What do we accept?

  • Fiction stories of 600 or less words
  • No previously published work
  • Nothing you’ve sold or given away the rights to
  • No poetry
  • No erotica
  • No fan-fiction
  • No sequels/prequels
  • No duplicate submissions

If your story is accepted you agree to give us first electronic publication rights. This means we get to publish your story first. We don’t own your story, after it goes up you can do whatever you want with it, turn it into a novel or sell it to Steven Spielberg for 80 million dollars.

Please edit your stories before you submit them. Double check them, triple check them even. There should be no spelling or formatting errors.

Submissions are to be 600 words or less, and should have been carefully edited for spelling and grammar *before* submission. Stories over the word limit, or with spelling or grammar mistakes will be rejected.

Optional. If we publish your story, we will tag you with this when we plug it on Twitter.