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May 20  |  Jon Moray

Aquarosa, the Rose Princess of the Eastern Waters, has escaped human captivity with nautical cunning determination, dodging the groping hands of the beach owner’s henchmen, and has answered the kinetic summons from the Regal War Dolphin of the Marina Del Magnificent. Her captivity, a result of gluttonous greed from shady deep sea divers who apprehended their prey with sharp weapons that immobilized unwilling sea creatures.

A hypnotic kiss from a seductive sea gull melded her legs into one. Human feet were replaced with fluttering fins as she slithered eagerly into her vast oceanic oasis, allured by the vibrant echoes from welcoming water mammals below.

Loyal sharks create a convoy, ushering their monarch toward her underwater throne. Aquarosa has finally returned to continue her quest for peaceful, unpolluted seas in a corrupted war-torn water world littered with discarded, shattered waste. Her commanding mastery of the waters keep disrespecting ships at bay with her waves of warning, chopping the waters, and deterring offenders from further refuge released into her domain.

Her head peeks over the water a half-mile from shore, spying the beach search party canvassing the area to no avail for her home is the seas, and her family are the aquatic wildlife, together and one with the sun and moon-kissed beauty of the blue waters.