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Howling Snow

Mar 01  |  a.m. consalvo

Playing in the snow. Snow pants, gloves, scarf bundled tight. The snow seems so tall, making it difficult to walk, waddling and clomping along, struggling not to fall.

Plopped in the snowy yard eating handfuls of snow. Cheeks windblown flush and stingy cold. The world is a glow, lit solely by the corner streetlight shining on the snow-covered street. Cheeks rosy and cold chill crisp air.

Coyotes start howling and yipping in the distance. Hurry, it’s time to go inside.

A lone toy, a doll with blue hair and satin blue gown, left out in the cold.

Tucked into bed cozy and warm, a little girl sleeps away the excitement of a winter’s day.

Found in the morning, her doll watches the little girl doze from her rightful place on the dresser.